TYO offers incredible development opportunities to young musicians but there are some bonus perks that you may not be aware of...

Second Ensemble FREE

There are plenty of talented young people at TYO and some have even joined multiple ensembles! We offer the second (cheaper) ensemble absolutely FREE because we know what a great time you'll have being part of both groups. We do recommend you check that the times don't clash before applying though.

FREE TYO Concert Tickets

All TYO participants can access a free ticket to any concert presented by TYO in which they're not performing. If you're not performing and want to come along to hear some great music and support your peers, come along! Tickets are subject to availability but get in touch if you're in doubt and want to check on anything. Otherwise, just turn up and say hello to our friendly Box Office team.

Financial Assistance

Open to all TYO participants, we want to make sure that financial situation doesn't prevent anyone from joining in and having a great time. There are a range of options that we offer, from payment plans through to full fee bursaries plus travel for those outside suburban locations. Check out our Financial Assistance information or get in touch to find out more.

Referral Bonus

Know someone who should be at TYO but maybe hasn't heard about us? If you refer someone, make sure they let us know and we'll give you TWO FREE TICKETS to our next concert. Please note that this is restricted to TYO-presented events and will depend on availability at the time.

Access other Great Opportunities

We're partnering with lots of other great musical organisations out there and, on occasion, we can pass on access to fantastic deals such as cheaper concert tickets, masterclass opportunities and sometimes exclusive FREE performances! But you have to be involved in TYO to access them!

Incredible Learning Experiences

It's not all just fun and games (although that's certainly a good part of it!). The TYO program is specially designed to nurture the skills needed for ensemble musicians, and fast-tracks the development of the instrument or voice. Each Conductor works with their ensemble participants to address key learning areas aligned to the Australian Curriculum. If you're interested in what that looks like, or to find out what those "outcomes" are, have a read of our TYO Syllabus.

Special Projects and Collaborations

In addition to our annual series of concerts for each ensemble, we also work with our partners to offer special projects to our ensembles. These include a variety of exciting collaborations and include free community concerts, festivals, and even professional development with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra!

You've got to be in it to win it. Join TYO to access these very special perks and all the benefits of learning music with friends.

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